A Note on Haley Sutter

If you are looking for an office space it’s highly recommended that you hire a real consultant to help you with the search.Have a look at Haley Sutter, Amarillo Realtorâ„¢ – Houses for Sale in Amarillo Texas for more info on this.

The Cool Thing

The cool thing with working with a consultant is that you save a lot of time. Many consultants know a lot about the local market and the best office that will be ideal for the business that you are running. For example, if you are running a technology firm, the consultant will advise you on the best location for your office. The professional will also guide you on what to do in order to make your business a force to reckon with in your new location.

Real estate agents also know the vacant offices, restrictions available, and any proposed developments that have been made. This information is of great help to you.


Always remember that the consultants make money by advising and finding office spaces for people. In most of the cases they tend to be expensive. For example, it’s common to find the professionals asking you thousands of dollars as consultation fee. To save money, it’s wise that you negotiate on the consultation fee. The best way of going about it is giving them a commission.

When you find an office, you should not pay the amount asked by the landlord – always negotiate the amount. Remember that the negotiations can be complex thus it’s wise that you work with an advocate. The advocate will not only help you in negotiating, but he will also help you in identifying hidden charges that you might not be aware of.

Be Cautious

While real estate consultants are great people to work with, you should be very careful as there are some professionals who might try to steer to offices where the commission is better. There are others that might rush you through the process in order to hide a number of things.

For you to rent the right office you shouldn’t be in a hurry. If you feel that the office that the consultant is directing you to isn’t ideal for you, you should let the consultant know about it.


This is what you need to know when working with real estate consultants. Before you work with a consultant you should do your research and ensure that the consultant has your best interests. As rule of thumb you should never work with a professional who is solely in business for money.

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