Bail Bondsman – Helping You Handle a Legal Crisis

Facing a criminal charge is a period of hardship, but bails provide some immediate relief that makes it beneficial to the victim and their families. A bail bondsman is a professional program that helps people facing a criminal charge respect their bails and get release from jail time. Get more info about Bridgeport bail bonds agent.

What is Surety Bail

A defendant is usually held behind bars after every felony conviction until the actual date of trial is set. However, despite the potential gaps between an initial arrest and the actual trial, the courts will impose bails, which is simply a promise that the state can help ensure that the accused appears before the court at the time of the trial. Usually this deposit is set at a specified amount depending on the alleged crime as well as any previous convictions and some judges are prone to higher bails. For example, bails are significantly higher if the crime that has been committed is significant or if the perpetrator has a criminal background and is considered a danger of flight.

In the unlikely event that the individual fails to appear in court for the trial, or otherwise appears to evade court summons, the bonding company may issue a bail jumping notice and the bond is cancelled. Besides having to repay the original amount of the security, the accused also faces additional legal consequences and thus evading the trial is never in the best interests of the criminal party.

Comprising Bail Bonding

In most cases, the accused’s family goes to great lengths to ensure their loved one is out of prison, even if they still face trial. Some also go to the point of emptying their entire bank account while requesting support from family or friends because the money is not in itself spent but rather promised to buy temporary freedom for the person facing a court case.

Choosing a Trustworthy Bail Bondman

Not everybody can afford to set aside a large amount in court as a insurance and lock funds until the date the trial is scheduled. That is where a bonding agency’s services are proving indispensable. If the amount of the deposit set by court is beyond the reach of the victim or the immediate family, the bonding firm pays the deposit for a fee in court, which is usually a percentage of the value of the bail. Once the case resumes in court and the accused takes the stand, the court reimburses the bonding agency for the security, although the percentage fees paid are non-refundable.

Specialized agencies typically issue bonds that lend funds equivalent to the amount of the loan, with a non-refundable retainer that is generally 10 percent of the protection. Some services set predefined terms requiring the individual to restrict themselves to a certain area, closer to their homes, and periodically check in with the bonding firm.

Bails are often costly and paying out of pocket often brings a degree of riskFeature Posts, not to mention that under financial strain, this is in most cases difficult. So it is imperative to seek support from a reliable bail bondsman provider to ensure the much-needed release for your loved one.

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