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Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery- A Guide

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery- A Guide

We make collagen everyday to replace and repair our damaged skin from harmful sun light, physical injury, the aging process and surgery. You can slow the aging process and heal faster by increasing the collagen you take. But the older we get over 30, the less collagen we make, the slower we heal, and the faster the aging process proceeds. When nature finally wins and we lose our youthful appearance, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery seems to be the only answer. Do what the movie stars do… get the cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, stay out of the sun, and get more collagen for skin care as a skin treatment to slow the aging process.visit

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a collagen supplement in capsule form so we would not have to inject it? A skin care product that would supply us with all the collagen we would need to repair and heal our damaged skin as if we were 30 years old again?

Technology has finally found a way to stabilize collagen for skin care as a skin treatment. To delay, stop, or even reverse the aging process, we can now swallow a collagen supplement instead of having it injected into our bodies to feel and see the difference all over. Most people report a more noticeable youthful appearance within three weeks.
Collagen makes up 80% of our skin a connective tissue like bone, cartilage and muscle. It gives skin its elasticity and keeps it looking young and wrinkle free.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery cuts into and damages these connective tissues; many times scraping away bone and cartilage, reattaching muscle and removing excess skin. Of course, it is all worth it after all the swelling, pain and discoloration have healed and the end-results reveals a more pleasant or youthful appearance. To protect your investment of time and money a collagen supplement can greatly enhance your results before and after plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

A collagen supplement should be taken right at bedtime. This is important because the repair and healing process of your damaged skin and connective tissue happens within the first 90 minutes of sleep. It should be taken for a minimum of 30 days prior to plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, and preferably 2 months before, to insure your skin and connective tissues are as healthy and strong as they can be. Then, after plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, collagen should be taken for a minimum of 2 months to ensure a complete and total healing experience for best results.

You will amaze your doctor by healing in far less time than expected with less pain and with much less scar tissue. This accelerated healing will further enhance your experience, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as you get back to everyday life sooner with more confidence. Of course, your doctor will benefit as well from your amazing results by exemplifying his or her plastic surgery and/or cosmetic surgery skills.

By continuing to take a collagen supplement beyond the recommended 2 months of healing, you will further protect your skin care and investment by supplying yourself with the maximum collagen needed to maintain your youthful appearance by slowing down the aging process. This will save you money as you will not need to go under the knife as often.

The FDA has given collagen the highest possible safety status. Collagen is a protein comprising only of amino acids, water and minerals, and contains no fat, carbohydrates or preservatives. Collagen has no undesired side effects nor does it react with drugs or other food/food ingredients.

In conclusion, to ensure the best cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery healing results, or any surgery for that matter, where connective tissue is to be damaged take your skin care product as a skin treatment at bedtime, 2 months before and 2 months after cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Remember, 85% of your connective tissue is collagen and that includes your skin. So, the older you are over 30, the less collagen you are making and the faster you are aging. You don’t have to be a movie star to afford and defy nature’s aging process. Anyone can take a collagen skin care product as a skin treatment with confident results to live a more youthful life beyond their age.

Plastic Surgery: Facelift With Aesthetic Restoration

Plastic Surgery: Facelift With Aesthetic Restoration

Plastic surgery is an elective medical specialty involving the repair, restoration, or modification of the body. It can broadly be divided into two categories: plastic cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Plastic cosmetic surgery entails hand surgery, craniofacial plastic surgery, dental surgery, and the treatment of minor burns. I strongly suggest you to visit Affordable Cosmetic Procedures | Easy Living Mom to learn more about this. Reconstructive plastic surgery is used for treating malformation, repairing major facial or body injuries, and treating growth abnormalities.

Most plastic surgery procedures are performed by dermatologists, who are qualified to perform such surgeries. In most cosmetic surgery cases, however, there are no dermatologists performing the procedure. Instead, many plastic surgery doctors work under the supervision of a licensed plastic surgeon. Many people who have undergone nonsurgical liposuction find that the results are well worth the time and effort they put in to getting it done. Patients who undergo liposuction can get rid of unwanted fat without having to undergo a painful surgical procedure.

Liposuction, however, does require that patients are in good enough health to withstand the risks involved in the procedure. Patients who smoke, have high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are not good candidates for this type of surgical procedures. Many plastic surgeons also do not perform aesthetic surgery on children younger than 18 years old. In some cases, patients may be asked to undergo revision plastic surgery depending on their original surgery. For example, if the patient’s original surgery resulted in drooping eyelids, he may need to undergo eyelid surgery to correct the situation.

Benefits to Investing in Cosmetic Surgery At A Glance

Benefits to Investing in Cosmetic Surgery At A Glance

Cosmetic surgery is known as the expertise in medicine and surgery that, with the use of surgical and medical techniques, is restricted to improving appearance. The skin procedure involves retaining the basic appearance, improving the present appearance, restoring the appearance. visit Cosmetic surgery is a systematic technique that can be used in all parts of the body, including the head, neck and the whole body. In order to achieve the desired aim of providing the body with visual enhancement, skills in cosmetic surgery require a combination of surgical judgement, experience, ethics and technical competence. There are several websites that have numerous advanced services for cosmetic surgery on the internet. Skin surgery can be divided into three groups overall:

O Cosmetic Facial Surgery
O Cosmetic General Surgery
O Dermatologic Skin Operation

These days, the key cosmetic procedures carried out include: facelift, eye lid elevations, breast augmentation, buttock implants, liposuction, breast reduction, breast lifts, lip augmentation, mole removal, and injections of collagen. Cellulite procedures, laser hair removal, gastric bypass and mesotherapy are also included with the other treatments.

If he does not know anything about the treatment plan, it may be a difficult task for one to finalise the correct price of the skin surgery performed. The best way to know the right cosmetic surgery price is to visit the numerous websites that sell the same and take out the average of it. The cost of cosmetic surgery can be very dependent on the cosmetic surgeon’s local experience and the amount of surgery needed. It is valuable to choose skin surgery and to perform skin surgery according to the requirements and the need for an expert in the area. Locating a trained cosmetic surgeon can pose a major challenge. One can visit the websites available on the internet to find the best cosmetic surgeon in the area and look at the short-listed cosmetic surgeons in the area that meet the necessary requirements. Choosing a good cosmetic surgeon is extremely important because skin surgery is the work of a specialist and the care of meticulousness, and the skill with which surgery is done becomes especially important because the surgeon should ensure that there is no other harm incurred in the process besides enhancing the fa├žade. The cosmetic surgeon should assess your fitness level and determine that you are doing so. Prior to choosing the surgeon, one would have to look for the credentials, certifications, experience, training, and educational history of all cosmetic surgeons.

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