Importance Of Boat Building Materials

Although your boat can be built from wood, metal or fiberglass (as mentioned in the previous article), you may notice that most boats are constructed from wood. Not to suggest that you can’t use all of the other materials, again. Using whatever content you wish!
Just as a rundown, wood is extremely stress resistant, galvanization is of no importance, visual appeal is good, and it can cost much less than synthetic materials.
An excellent place to find wood (especially plate wood) is in the newspaper’s section on building materials. If you are searching for a good bargain, the place to go is salvaged wood. For most of your boat building salvaged wood can be used but it’s not suggested for your boat’s side. Strong quality timber can also be used at a
Besides wood (or whatever material you choose to create with) you will need glues, paints, bedding compounds etc… Traditional glues are something special, and will be used throughout the construction process.
There’s a selection of glues to choose from. In the past, resorcinol glue was the strongest glue money that could purchase, but epoxy glues have really taken over the market since then. True epoxy costs more than resorcinol so dealing with it is much simpler. Epoxy is meant for impervious wood, which in effect avoids decay and improves wood lifespan.
Bedding compound is a dense, putty-like goop typically used to keep moisture and air from reaching a joint or moving past it. It’s used throughout the boat, particularly in places that aren’t glued together. Several brands are available, and cost relatively cheap.
Of course, you’ll want to paint it to shield your boat from weathering conditions. You are going to want to use a poison paint below the waterline as a means to avoid marine production. You have a great deal of control over the waterline.
Many genuine marine paints are available but oil-based exterior house paints can also be used as an alternative. These are much easier and seem to last just as long as the coastal paints.
You are probably going to use quite a bit of wood preservative on your yacht too. Coating all with it is a good idea. Use the green type as opposed to the white ones that appear water-soluble. Of course, you might have to slap a few more coats of paint to cover the green colour, but it’s worth it!

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