Keep Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Fun Outside and Inside

Step outside at night and you’re attacked by mosquitoes from every direction.

With so little rain this summer and the near drought conditions (my grass is ugly brown and I see cracks running through the dirt when I look at my yard), those mosquitoes would find very few places to lay their eggs.After all, don’t all the health authorities and we pest control technicians go on and on about how the breeding ground of choice for mosquitoes sits, and stagnates, water?With this summer’s low rainfall you ‘re sure to have trouble finding any standing outside water. Let alone water, which stood long enough to begin to stagnate.Link

But move out and mosquitoes educate you instantly to the fact that they don’t need standing water to lay their eggs. They ‘re finding other places.

Even when you step outside it’s dry like this lots of mosquitoes zero in on you. That kind of dampens your late summer barbecues, isn’t it?And how do you, and your friends, prevent yourself from getting those little itchy bumps when you get together outdoors?Well, I’m not going to tell you there is a way to avoid mosquitoes altogether. I think you know better.Nevertheless, I know a few steps that keep those mosquitoes to a minimum, and if you take these steps you will make your guests and yourself more comfortable as you enjoy cooking.

More confident so long as you suffer from mosquito bites anyway-it ‘s up to you to do the rest.

You need fans first. Three or four of these operate in small fields. The bigger the field, and the larger the band, the more fans you like. Place them on the edges of your cookout space, pointing them along the edges of the area. Stop them blowing while celebrating.

Because mosquitoes are very poor flyers the fans airstreams blow them off course, and work to keep mosquitoes out of space.

Try fogging the area an hour or two before the cooking out starts. The approach may work, or may not. If you fog it kills the mosquitoes in the field, but because the pesticide in fog quickly disappears as the mosquitoes move back into space soon outside.

Start us going around. I know this is a big barbecue order. Why do you expect anyone to stay in motion while they eat? The fact is that mosquitoes normally don’t land on a moving target, so bugs won’t bite them while your guests are in motion.Place pots, candles and spindles of citronella around the field. The smells of perfume attract mosquitoes, but the scent of burning citronella chases them away.

Place mosquito repellents for your guest to use around the city. When going to a friend’s cookout, it’s something we never think about, so be careful, and have a supply ready.If we get lots of rain, or endure a drought, mosquitoes are out there.Take these steps to keep the mosquitoes away, and while you can, enjoy your outdoor activities.

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