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The License Bail Bond-Measures for Acquisition and Protection of Licensed Agents

Steps to Acquire a Bail Bond License

Typically, the first step a person interested in obtaining a bail bond license must complete is to find a local bail school and sign up for training. — state prescribes the particular courses to be taken for qualification and licensing, as well as the amount of training hours it needs before the applicant applies for a bail bond licence.look at this site Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

The applicant will move on to the second phase of the agent licensing process after successfully completing the requisite training and passing the certification exam: submitting an application to the Department of Insurance Office in the future bondman ‘s state. Application forms for the certificate, which is legally recognized as the Certificate of a Limited Surety Officer, can usually be obtained online. Some states also require that new agents operate for a specified period of time (generally not exceeding one year) under an already licensed bail bondman before applying for full licensing.

Fingerprinting and passing a background check before obtaining a license would also be required for prospective bail agents.

If approved, agents should be prepared to meet the standards of their states to keep their bail bond license current, as some states allow a certain minimum number of continuing education hours each year for renewal of bail bond licences.

Powers Licensed under a Bail Bond

A bail bond license confers upon an agent all the required rights and obligations to perform the position of bail agent in each individual state. As these may differ greatly by state, research into the particular rights and responsibilities of agents in their own states is essential to a license applicant. While several states do not allow commercial bail at all, some allow only professional bail agents (i.e. agents using their own assets to secure a bond, rather than the assets of the accused individual or members of his / her family).

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