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Crohn’s sufferers who have constipation due to a strictness have a serious case of Crohn’s which can one day lead to further complications that may lead to an ileostomy. An ileostomy (pronounced il-ee-os-tuh-mee) is an procedure involving putting the end of the small intestine (ileum) through an opening that is formed surgically in the abdomen known as a stoma. Want to learn more? Visit

An ileostomy is a treatment that is offered to those who need removal of their colon (large intestine) and rectum, since the illness and injury that has contaminated the large intestine has rendered it unable to absorb waste safely.

As the small intestine is no longer connected to the colon to carry on waste, the stoma produced connects the ileum to the abdomen’s external surface skin. A special bag known as an appliance is tightly attached to the opening, and the small intestine absorbs waste. Most ilesostomies are found just above the groin, on the right side of the abdomen.

Living with an ileostomy An ileostomy is an procedure that typically makes Crohn’s disease symptoms easier. Yet living with an ileostomy will at first be a challenge. Below are some tips on how you can deal with your new lifestyle and make the most of it.

The Pouch-All pouches are made of lightweight plastic and attached to the skin by an adhesive wafer regardless of whether they are open or closed ended. To prevent leakage the wafer will match snuggly.

They typically remain unnoticeable under standard clothing because of the way modern ileostomy pouches are made. It is because the body lies flat in the pouches. Pouches can be worn inside or outside clothing, and you can wear them in the way that’s right for you. Only make sure you are not putting pressure on the stoma by wearing tight clothing or belts over it.

Hobbies-As soon as you get permission from your doctor and feel up to it, you can participate in all the hobbies and sports you enjoyed before the surgery. It involves cycling, jogging, hiking, tennis and more. However, you’ll want to stop heavy lifting and rough contact activities (IE football).

Job-Give yourself peace of mind when you go back to work, make sure you still have an extra bag and a change of clothes on you.

New Crohn’s Diet-Even though after you have your ileostomy you can consume almost any food, it’s a good idea to continue avoiding foods that have had a significant effect on your Crohn’s condition and maintain a balanced diet. You should also lower your intact of strong and high-fibre foods like raw vegetables. It’s hard for your small intestine to absorb these forms of food and that may lead to blockage.

Emotional Effects-Dealing with an ileosotomy can be difficult to cope with at first. Many people are humiliated by their ileostomy and are reluctant to start new relationships, or open up to others emotionally. Sharing your emotions and informing people about your condition is the only way to make the feelings of guilt and anxiety pass. You’d be shocked at how people who love you and care for you understand.

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