Necessary Criteria to know about Sanitizing Natural Stone

Many homeowners want their kitchen counter top matched with the kitchen decor and the colour scheme. We are also looking for an aesthetic appeal as well as cost, and would like to obtain a durable surface with suitable edges that are easy to use and smooth to clean. It should be heat resistant, water resistant, chemical resistant, it should not scratch, stain, chip or crack and it should be easy to repair, why not try these out.

Marble Counter Tops Advantages and Disadvantages

When a homeowner needs a custom design, but doesn’t want to take out a second home mortgage to fund the kitchen remodelling, the alternative is marble tiles. Marble tiles are sturdy, heat-resistant, stylish and stain-proof. Such surfaces can be fully personalized using any combination of marble tiles and depending on what appearance in the kitchen is desired.

Marble is also aesthetically appealing and hygienic, but can be susceptible to stains and scratches at times. This is not as hard as granite, and therefore not as long-lasting and does not react well with chemical cleaners. Taking those disadvantages into account, marble is still the best option for a kitchen counter top. The cost of marble is an investment that more than pays off over time and is simply the best choice in terms of simplicity, comfort, cleanliness, low cost of maintenance, longevity and aesthetics.

The marble will also get scratched at the bottom, so the counter may not be smooth. It can be an concern when attempting to clean up messes and spills. Darker marbles have fewer stains, so when making a tiling decision homeowner may want to factor that in. At the high end of a tiled countertop is marble tile. They can also match the kitchen floor tile when professionally mounted, and look very sleek and elegant. Based on the contractor installing the tile, the materials are used and what look is desired, tiling can be very inexpensive for the entire floor, however, regardless of price this is a perfect combination for design in the kitchen.

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