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By changing the colour of the exterior or interior it is easy to avoid drab and mundane atmospheres in your home or place of business. Wait for more pay if you hire a painting company than you would by doing it yourself. But in the long term, having the professionals do the job can actually save you money. Knowing their track record is one way to feel at ease when hiring local painting companies. If you’re looking for a professional painter, you’ll want to keep those questions in mind and get the answers you want before you sign a contract:

  1. Are they giving in writing their recommendations and estimates? Its estimate is a fixed price? Be clear before commencing their work. Know exactly what you’ll be getting for the price you ‘re being asked to pay.
  2. Are they licenced, bonded, insured accordingly? Check this info in advance to find out if the painting companies are behind their work.Learn more about this at PMV Custom Finishes – Kalamazoo Interior Painter.
  3. Do they wish to submit a list of references on request? You’ll need to call those references but you’ll also want to go through some of the jobs that the company has done so you can see the quality of their work for yourself.
  4. What safety standards are adhered to and the work ethics? Make sure the firm has clear employee safety policies while working on your property.
  5. What kind of prep work is done before painting is applied, and will it cost extra? For example, are the pressure washing costs of your exterior walls built into the estimate given to you?
  6. What type of paint are they going to use and do you have choices? You are going to want to make sure they use a good quality paint so you don’t have to have your home repainted in a few years.
  7. Are they actual employees of the painters? Know whether the company employs actual employees or day labourers. Day labourers often work without proper background checks. That could leave you open to theft, poor painting jobs, or both.
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