Private Investigation In Child Custody Cases

Child custody proceedings are one of the worst things parents are ever going to experience. Who would want to lose regular contact with their kids? Many parents are not attorneys and without help the legal process involved in child custody cases can be extremely daunting, and it is still a difficult process. In cases of divorce and marital conflict, it is usually best that custody of children be given to the most dependable and responsible of the parents involved. Professional consultants may offer support in these cases and examine allegations and background records with the child care issue. To getmore information about private investigators Columbia SC

Getting the Facts All parties are in emotional turmoil during a child custody dispute and sometimes it can be challenging to get the facts straight, as each individual provides information from their own viewpoint through the filter. Private investigators check the facts supplied at both ends to determine which ones are valid and which are not, and which could potentially harm the case.

Constructive inquiry The aim should not be to assign blame and spread negativity in these custody cases, but rather to concentrate on what is good for you. While trying to assign blame to the other person, you may very well end up bringing yourself negative attention. Good parent, bad parent isn’t the way to proceed with your situation.

Violence and neglect This can be a determining factor in a custody case in cases where children have been abused or neglected by either Side. Generally speaking, it is not prudent to treat the other parent as the adversary in a dispute of custody, so if there has been violence or negligence in the family, it is important to include this detail in your petition so that the judge is fully aware of the situation. A certified private investigator will help you determine the nature of such misconduct, as well as provide documented evidence to support the case.

Working the System, Don’t Contest It Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a war for custody is understanding that the framework can not be changed overnight. The family court system may be bad, but it’s what it is and it’s never going to be the way it should be. It is not possible to pick the judges and the custody evaluators from a list, so we have to get these people on our side.

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