Steps To Throw An Axe

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Axe throwing is a bit more complex than simply flinging a hatchet over a wooden mark, but the good news is that learning is fairly quick and simple.

Let’s kick off!

Phase 1: Hold the axe tightly

Be sure the axe grip is secure and there’s no chance that the axe will slip out of the hand until you’re able to remove it.Have a look at Twisted Axes Throw House ¬†for more info on this.

Making sure that the axe blade is pointed towards the target as well. It is the only way you will guarantee that, if your throw is successful, it will hold in the goal.Instead, just place the other hand on the axe stick.

Axes may be hurled with one hand, so using two hands is the better way to boost the odds of a safe throw aiming for the target if you’re a novice.

Phase 2: Have it in the correct place

Be sure to stand forwards with your dominant foot.

In other words, if you’re in the right hand, stagger your stance to put your right foot in front of you and put on that foot the most weight. If given east, vice-versa.

Line your stance up so you’re directly facing the target center when you bring your arms behind your head to throw.

Stage 3: Get movement at correct put and transfer the axe!

Hold the axe with both of your arms above your head to make sure that the axe edge is heading towards the target. Bend the back slightly as you prepare to throw.

Bring the axe forward with both arms quickly and release it to the target when your arms are slightly more forward than your shoulders. Be sure to follow the rest of your throwing motion after the axe has been released.

Bullseye to you!

Ok, maybe not on the first attempt but who knows?

Make sure you manage to exercise the correct throwing motion and you’ll be a pro in no time.

A few brief references to this:

If you throw accurately and from the right place, the axe can normally allow one complete turn in air. This rotation is necessary for the throw to count in competitive play.

Make sure you ‘re tossing away at the right place, nobody’s behind you and the equipment is safe.

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