Detailed Notes On Columbia Reflexology

Reflexology is a procedure in which a trained therapist applies pressure to points on the hands, feet or even ears applied by his thumb and fingers. The reflex points for the body are these regions. These reflex points refer to specific parts of the body and are gently removed as they are massaged to relieve discomfort or an imbalance associated with this particular area. In the reflex points, when the body system does not function properly, deposits of calcium, minerals, and uric acid will form, which eventually hampers the proper circulation of blood. In order to break down these deposits and help restore normal functioning, a trained reflexologist may use massage techniques. Browse this site listing about Columbia Reflexology

On another note, studies indicate that stress induces 75 percent of illnesses and disorders. Resting and relaxing is the first thing you should do to avoid stress-related illnesses. It’s here where reflexology comes in. By normalising the blood flow and relaxing the nerves, concentrating on the reflex points will help the body relax, allowing the body to gain the full benefits of reflexology.

There are countless nerve endings in your hands and feet that are all connected to various parts of your body. If you find the correct areas of your feet or hands and massage them, you will stimulate the affected areas of your body. While reflexology can also be applied to the hands, since they are larger and are more convenient to massage, most reflexologists tend to treat the feet. This is why reflexology is misunderstood by most people as just a foot massage.

Hand reflexology is suitable for patients who may not like touching or looking at their feet and is ideal for people who may complain of hand pain, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. In comparison to foot reflexology, reflexology applied to the hands can be performed anywhere without feeling uneasy and awkward. However, they can become less sensitive because the hands are often overused and this can sometimes affect the efficacy of this form of reflexology.