What Is A Criminal Justice Attorney?

A Criminal Justice Attorney is a lawyer who defends clients charged with criminal offenses. Criminal defense is a broad field of law devoted to the defense of individuals charged with crimes, including several high profile offenses such as murder, rape, armed robbery, and drunk driving. Criminal justice is a branch of law that also includes penal servitude, secretarial services, corrections, and paralegal services. Browse this site listing about Criminal Justice Attorney-The Medlin Law Firm
In instances where people are accused of crime, their attorneys will work with them to build a defense against the charges. While most criminal charges are ultimately thrown out or dismissed, sometimes the government continues to press charges or there are charges that are not legally valid. In these cases, a criminal justice attorney can be the person who helps their clients to find out whether there are valid reasons for the charges, fight to have charges dismissed, or otherwise find a way to defend against the criminal charges. Criminal charges are sometimes very serious. Even if the defendant has not yet been convicted of a crime, he may still end up with a long list of charges, several of which he may not be able to defend against based on the amount of time allowed for his case in court.
In most cases, prosecutors seek the services of criminal justice attorney when dealing with witnesses. Witnesses are often crucial to the overall defense strategy and can either help to paint a picture of the suspect in a positive light or cast doubt on the validity of the charges. For example, some witnesses may have information that can help the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant committed a specific act. However, if these same witnesses are also able to contradict the defendant’s statements and claim that the defendant is not guilty, it is not likely that the prosecution will be able to use this critical evidence to help prove its case.