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A dentist, also called a cosmetic dentist, is a professional who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral conditions and diseases of the teeth and oral cavity. The dentist’s medical team helps in giving oral healthcare services. The usual procedures practiced by dentists involve tooth extraction, root canal treatment and tooth implantation to correct decayed teeth. Sometimes they also provide treatments like fillings and crowns to give a new look to a tooth. If you are facing issues pertaining to your teeth then you need to make a trip to a dentist at once. Read on further to know more about the services provided by a dentist.Learn more about us at  Dean Street Dental-Dentist

Dental implants and tooth bridges give a new life to those who have lost their teeth due to any reason. The procedure can be performed by dentists or cosmetic dentists depending upon the nature and problems of the patient. Tooth bridges are used when there is an overbite or misalignment of the upper teeth and gum; in this procedure the cosmetic dentist will create a false tooth in the neighboring gum to bridge the gap allowing the person to chew normally.

Cavities: A cavity is a porous area or structure inside the tooth or jaw. It may be filled with peroxide or different substances depending upon its nature and location. During a regular visit to the dentist it may sometimes become necessary to remove the cavity in a child. This is necessary to clean the root canal. You may need to undergo capsular cavity filling if your child has severe tooth decay or if the tooth has lost its protective shield.