A New Legal Possession: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In the midst of our nation’s marijuana problem, there is a new Dispensary for Medical Marijuana available in Washington State, serving a population that is over-represented in our prisons – people who do time for marijuana possession alone, not including the addicted who do time for other crimes, such as selling or using heroin. The Dispensary for Medical Marijuana also happens to be one of the first marijuana clinics in the country to register under the new legalized medicinal marijuana law in Washington State. In fact, it is considered a non-profit organization – meaning it gets no tax money, and it relies solely on donations. In reality, the State of Washington should be congratulated for making this step forward, because without it, our country could quickly become overrun with cannabis users, criminals and suppliers.Learn more about us at Dispensary Near Me- Evergreen Market | Bellevue Cannabis Dispensary

Currently, only eight states permit medical marijuana dispensaries to operate, and among these, seven states and the District of Columbia now allow retail sales of cannabis, to patients suffering from certain medical conditions diagnosed by a physician. The laws and regulations regarding medical marijuana are different in each state, so it is important to understand exactly what your responsibilities are. Although it may not seem like a big deal at first, you must understand that in almost every situation where a person has been charged with possession of cannabis, whether you are a patient or an architect or construction worker, you still have your responsibilities as a concerned citizen. Regardless of whether you are arrested or ticketed, it is your responsibility to immediately report the incident to the local police authorities.

Many of the legal marijuana dispensaries are located within small, compact communities, where the majority of residents may actually live nearby, and/or work, or study. It is very important for patients and their families to recognize the importance of reporting their cannabis use to the proper authorities whenever they feel the need. Although the medical marijuana dispensary law recently changed in the D.C. Circuit, it is still a crime to grow or use marijuana, regardless of how it was grown or used. It is also against the law to consume or sell cannabis, even if you are not growing or using it yourself. By staying in compliance with all of the new laws surrounding medical marijuana, you are protecting your rights as well as your future.