What Exactly is SquidPoxy

SquidPoxy is a rapidly growing small business that specializes in art epoxy resin products for the construction and finishing industries; specifically, woodworkers, do it yourself consumers, applicators, painters, and more. They have taken a lot of time researching what is needed in order to get started in this growing industry and have discovered that epoxy paint is the answer to many problems. SquidPoxy has taken the guesswork out of whether or not your paints will hold up and give you the results you want while saving yourself a lot of money on labor. Most importantly though, do not let the large amount of hype that is out there to stop you from investing in the right products for your project! Why not look hereĀ  SquidPoxy

There are two main products available from SquidPoxy, their epoxy paint and their epoxy resin system. The resin system comes as a two part kit and can be combined with the epoxy paint for a much higher value product. The epoxy paint can be used as either a permanent or temporary solution, and both systems can be mixed together to create a premixed ready to use product. The products available from SquidPoxy include everything you would ever need to complete any project. Everything from brushes and sandpapers to hand tools and power tools, and everything in between.

Epoxies can be applied to nearly any surface with a permanent finish by either applying the epoxy directly, or by applying a topcoat to lock in the color and allow it to dry. They can also be diluted with water and used directly on the surface, but epoxies mixed with water or other products are much safer for the user and the environment. There are some limitations to using an epoxy system for your projects though, as there are many chemical additives that can severely affect the properties of the resin and affect its ability to bond correctly with the substrate. It is therefore important to always read the instructions included with any products you choose. In fact, most of the products available from SquidPoxy are supported by a limited warranty program.