Top Seven Tips For the Best Road Trip Ever

Nothing might be more enjoyable than an old-fashioned road ride. I love to take to the open road to explore our land. Now, for some time I’ve been a “road tripper” and while I love air travel, I love the road trip because that’s how you can really see the world. So it’s time to have your favourite tunes and munchies packed with these ten simple road trip travel tips and schedule your accessible road trip adventure.Read this article.

  1. Plan your voyage. Next, you need to find out where to go and then schedule your journey. Planning doesn’t have to take a long time, but the route you ‘re going to drive and points of interest along the way you’re going to want to stop and explore should be known. Half the joy of a road trip is to see the locations along the way.
  2. Create reservations for your room, BEFORE you leave. Part of the fun when traveling on the road is to stop wherever your heart desires, but on a road trip there’s nothing worse than an experience of “no room at the inn.” You may not realize that while you’re visiting there’s a “Comic Book Trade Show,” “Strawberry Festival” or convention in town and no rooms to have. If you don’t book your accommodation beforehand, you ‘re not just running the risk of trying to sleep in your vehicle, but you can’t control your budget for the road trip effectively.
  3. Give a full tune to your car before you leave or consider renting a car. One week before you head on your road trip, take your car in for a tune up and ask your technician to insure that the automobile fluids are drained, air pressure in your tyres is at its highest for motorway travel, and all other required questions regarding your vehicle are answered. If you need to have something repaired, it’s better to do it at a spot you can trust before traveling by car. Plus, when it’s a has-to situation it can be more expensive. If you’re worried that your new car isn’t capable of a “field ride,” so you may want to suggest hiring a car for your road trip. I did this for my trip to Arizona because I found a lot on a rental car and had the peace of mind for my trip on the road.
  4. Pick up your own meal and plan a picnic. I used to be drawn to eating at fast food restaurants during a road ride. During a ride there was something that seemed enjoyable about it but I have found since then that I tend to pack my own food for my journey. It not only keeps me eating healthy, but it also saves money , especially if you are traveling with your family. Even, if you prepare ahead, you could discover there’s a nice stop on your travels for a romantic picnic and preparing a picnic is so much easier than going through the Drive-through. Whether you’re making a stop for a picnic or exploring a cool sight along the way.
  5. Bring with you wonderful songs, or audible reading! Music is actually the music to our lives and any trip on the path needs a music. Every time I hear a Phil Collins song from “No Jacket Required” I think of my trip to Seattle, because that was the primary music I heard on that trip. Every time I hear Wilson Phillips music, I think of the Bahamas Harbor Island and the stunning walks on the Pink Sands Beach. It’s kind of like having a theme song for every holiday but even today listening to the music will evoke fun memories of wonderful trips.
  6. For the girls, do not forget to carry a boredom buster pad. One thing I’ve learned from producing Emily Kaufman for TV’s “The Travel Mom,” is that if you’re traveling with kids, you need to make sure you’ve got plenty to entertain them on your road trip. That is what she called the boredom buster pack. Don’t forget to prepare your kids music with fun travel games which include magnetic board games. DVD players are an option for truly long journeys and as long as your child is not prone to car disease. Electronic games will, of course, keep your kids busy but I would encourage you to limit the time on these toys especially if you’re traveling through some great scenic areas. It’s an ideal way to connect with a family because if they’re lost in a Game Boy, the child’s recollection of the journey will be destroyed.
  7. Know, a road trip is about the path as well as the ride. One of my dream road trips of all time was the day my sister, Jessica, and I rode 52 enchanting miles on the “Way to Hana” on Maui Island, Hawaii. I’ll never forget that the guide book said, “Remember, Hana isn’t a destination, it’s a path.” Hana is only 52 miles from Kahului, but a normal drive to Hana takes at least three hours, since the road is quite winding with around 620 curves across 59 bridges, 46 of which have just one lane. This wonderful road trip is a unforgettable ride that passes through a dense, tropical rainforest riddled with tumbling waterfalls, black sand beaches, spectacular cliffs of rock, new fruit stands and tropical hillsides.

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