All about Residential Cleaning

As the world moves toward an age of professionals, fewer homes are left to the typical homemakers who clean and keep them. That has given the residential cleaning business a huge boost. The residential cleaning sector has expanded at a rate of about 20 per cent over the last five years, valued at $60 billion. It is good news for you when you consider taking up a residential cleaning franchise, because it greatly decreases the chance of failure.

There are several advantages to buying a residential cleaning franchise, rather than starting your own residential cleaning company. The franchisors actively provide financial resources for the ads and promotions that your company needs. They train you, provide recruiting assistance, lay out budgets and even provide you with uniforms that support the company by building credibility and supporting it through the prestige of brand names.more info here

The initial investment in residential cleaning franchises differs from franchisor to franchisor but is on average around $50,000. The benefit of taking up a residential cleaning franchise is the low operating costs associated with the company, in addition to the initial investment which is still comparatively small. There are few and cheap equipment needed to do the job, and manual labor is also cheap. Another benefit of the company is that it hits breakeven within one year, sometimes within six to ten months.

There are different services that you can receive from your residential cleaning franchise; some of the services provided by residential cleaning franchises are cleaning walls, carpets, kitchens, toilets, bedrooms, draperies, dust cleaning and vacuum cleaning. If the company grows, you will have a greater number and variety of services which is this business’ beauty.

You can opt to run your company from home, thus saving you a lot of costs. However, it will definitely be advantageous for your company to choose to run your franchise from a highly populated area close to many residential locations. You need to develop a good marketing strategy, distribute fliers and handbills near recreational sites, to residential doorsteps and even in commercial areas.

In general, residential cleaning franchises have a lower capital investment than other companies, are a growing growth segment, have low operating costs, do not require a great deal of industry awareness or commitment and can be made extremely profitable with simple management skills.

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