Alternatives to Fiberglass Insulation

One of the key factors that can minimise potential heating and cooling costs is insulation when building a home. The primary option was fibreglass insulation, but not anymore.-see this here

Alternatives to Insulation of Fiberglass

When designing houses, people have become even more attentive to environmental and energy saving problems. Although such topics were barely debated 20 years ago, for many of us, they are now on the front burner. This transformation has been so comprehensive that both challenges are now integrated into their designs by homebuilders and their solutions are used as selling points. If these issues have become part of marketing, you know that the transition to more awareness of the atmosphere and resources has come full circle.

Have you ever wondered what happens each week to the newspapers you carry out to curb other recycling? It is likely evident that the newspapers are converted into insulation materials because I mention it in this post. In new home construction designs, remodels and extensions, this relatively new insulation product is rapidly overtaking fibreglass insulation. Identified as fibre insulation, it is more environmentally friendly, less costly and just as effective at sealing homes than fibreglass.

Usually, fibre insulation is made up of recycled newspapers. Yeah, those newspapers that you take with the garbage every week to the curb. In certain items, small quantities of ground up cardboard can also be used. To allow the material to stay together, the material is shredded and then treated with acrylic binders. It is treated with different types of fire retardant materials to stop fires.

In a loose fill type, fibre isolation almost always comes in. Instead of being stapled up as seen with standard fibreglass rolls, the loose fill is usually blown into cavities requiring insulation. The substance typically goes dry, but wet forms are sprayed on insulation materials in much the same way as more conventional sprays.

As you might know, newspaper recycling is something that everyone does these days. On garbage day, just take a look down the street. Newspaper recycling bins are on every driveway. This huge recycling creates tonnes of shredded content from newspapers. Frankly, it can’t be converted easily enough into usable materials. This issue with inventory means that the commodity is incredibly cheap. Fiber insulation can also cost up to 25% cheaper than fibreglass isolation.

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