An Easy Definition about CBD

Apathy, decreased motivation and simple alienation from the world are identified as Cannabis syndrome or amotivational syndrome. According to the World Health Organization, the literature describes the amotivation syndrome as follows: “The evidence for an adult” amotivational syndrome “consists mainly of case histories and observational reports (e.g. Kolansky and Moore, 1971; Millman and Sbriglio, 1986). The evidence for an adult” a motivational syndrome. No compelling evidence for such a syndrome has been found in the small number of controlled field and laboratory studies (Dornbush, 1974; Negrete, 1983; Hollister, 1986) … It is doubtful that cannabis use produces a well-defined amotivational syndrome. Have a look at CBD for more info on this. Instead of inventing a new psychiatric syndrome (from wikipedia), it may be more parsimonious to consider the symptoms of impaired motivation as symptoms of chronic cannabis intoxication. At the same time , various studies conducted worldwide have a difference in data, as, for example , research conducted by US scientists provides opposite data: In three major studies conducted in Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Greece, researchers compared heavy long-term cannabis users to non-users and found no evidence of intellectual or neurological damage, no changes in personality, and no loss of willingness to work or participate in society “(Willia).” That is mainly the main reason why slaves were allowed to smoke marijuana by plantation owners as they were able to work more and took less time to recover and rest. (The effects of smoked tobacco and the effects of caffeine are close to this coercive effect). In addition to its narcotic use, marijuana has also been commonly used for medicinal purposes. Its use in medicine goes back to ancient times, all the way back. In order to suppress nausea, relieve high eye pressure, reduce spasms and eliminate various types of pain, some doctors currently suggest legalising marijuana. In the treatment of cancer and helps (pain reduction and appetite stimulation), sclerosis (decrease of spasms), glaucoma and epilepsy, marijuana has been successfully used as an alternative to major medicines.

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