Benefits of Advanced Physical Therapy

Advanced physical therapy is the medical practice to treat, cure, and prevent injury. While this is not the sole purpose of this therapy, the majority of care patients receive is covered by it. Many patients also undergo therapy to prevent muscle and tissue deterioration which is important for basic mobility, such as walking and lifting. Sports training helps athletes increase speed , agility and endurance. The field of advanced physical therapy prides itself on providing adequate education so that patients will learn and understand how to prevent future injuries by doing home exercises and understanding how the body works.

Geriatric advantages of physical therapy

As bone mass and muscle worsen with age, elderly people are at high risk for falling and bone fractures. Osteoporosis is a leading cause of bone mass loss, especially in women. Treatment to help build bone mass requires strength training, as the increased flow of blood into the bones helps to strengthen them. Physical therapists at home, in assisted living centers, in skilled nursing facilities, and at outpatient facilities can assist elderly people. Medicare must normally cover the costs of recovery and pain control related treatments. You may want to check out Belden Village Chiropractic in Canton OH for more.

The ability to regain independent movement without the need for walkers or canes is one advantage many elderly patients derive from therapy. Spine musculoskeletal problems are one of the reasons that many older people need help walking around. Not only is the spine deteriorating because of age, but the amount of pain caused by slipped discs or swollen nerves can also be considerable. Therapists enhance balance , strength, and coordination of older patients by helping elderly patients improve posture and strengthen the back and core. That leads in later years to a better quality of life.

The results of prenatal physical therapy

One area of advanced physical therapy which is not considered by many is prenatal therapy. Women are told to exercise while pregnant in order to avoid weight gain and have easier labour, but magazines and television programs do not educate women on the best way to exercise that benefits the whole body. Even more stress and weight are placed on the lower back during the last trimester, and the lower back is supposed to sustain all the stress and weight. That is why many pregnant women experience sciatic pain and have pain as they sit or walk.

A prenatal therapist will work with an expectant mother to help her manage weight gain and pregnancy pain, taking into account any limits set down by her OB / GYN. A physiotrainer will work on both cardio and strength training exercises to make it easier for an expectant mother to get pregnant and deliver. The main advantage of receiving therapy services during pregnancy is that any new aches and pains can be brought up immediately and the therapist can plan and manage with exercise the new pains.

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