Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormones

The ‘Sunset Years’ was the happiest time in their life for certain people. Behind you are the uncertainties of the twenties, the feverish movements of the thirties of the past as well. Now you are in a place and a time where you are safe and happy with yourself. This is when you kick back and reap the fruits of all the good work you’ve achieved in the past, for others who have been pursuing their jobs for a long time. Now is NOT the moment to be dragged down by the symptoms of age, in brief! Melinda Silva, MD Anti-Aging & Wellness – Chula Vista Bioidentical Hormones offers excellent info on this.

That is why, during this process, several individuals recommend beginning anti-aging therapies such as skin treatments and hormone replacements. They deserve to look and sound their best and they will help them do this with a little consideration.

The rage these days is bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, and rightly so because they have a host of benefits.

What are hormones that are bioidentical?

These are natural hormones which, together with human hormones, share a similar molecular structure. These hormones function just just like human hormones because of this and do not induce any unintended side effects.

Top bioidentical hormone advantages:

  1. Their chemical and cellular similarities ensures that the body readily recognises them. When compared to their synthetic counterparts, they also function more effectively. This hormone is not linked with any side effects.
  2. Because these compounds are normal, the human body more readily metabolises them.
  3. In the form of pills, hundreds of industrial hormones are standardised since they are usable. Therefore, regardless of current hormone levels, each person has to take the same dose. Dosages may be adjusted to meet individual requirements in the case of bioidentical hormones. So, the fear of an overdose is not present.
  4. Because bioidentical hormone treatments are given transdermally and not as pills, they are directly absorbed by the body. Without leaving a mark, these spots are removed easily by the skin. The first metabolism step that takes place in the liver can be quickly missed.
  5. In limited doses, bioidentical hormones are given such that they can carry about a continuous hormonal equilibrium in the body.

Bioidenticals are analogous to man-made hormones in structure, but give the potency of synthesised hormones. For these purposes, for anyone considering hormone replacement therapies, bioidentical hormone therapy is the most natural, easiest and fastest choice.

In males and females, hormone replacement therapy overcomes hormonal imbalances that contribute to ageing. Many important bodily functions tend to suffer as hormone levels dip. This includes wrinkled, blotchy skin, decreasing levels of energy, low metabolic rates, lack of vigour and vitality, and general malaise sensations. The most successful approach to replenish sinking hormone levels is hormone replacement therapy, and the safest form of hormone replacement therapy possible is utilising bioidenticals.

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