Best Local Marketing Courses

Marketing workshops for industry marketers

There are several ways Advertising can be taught. You can go to college, study online or buy marketing lessons from experienced copywriters. check it out for more details.

No matter if you do it, you just realize you have to do something or your company is going to collapse. There’s nothing more important to the survival of your company than marketing. You need to attract clients to retain them and the promotion is what will ensure efficiency.

There is a right and wrong way of doing marketing, which is why you need to get some affordable marketing courses for yourself. Whether you’re looking for Dan Kennedy courses at eBay or online searching, make a favor of yourself and invest in your future and your business future.

Let’s say you’ve got 1000 dollars in your marketing budget.

Some things you could do wrong:

Print 1,000 glossy brochures, and deliver them in a week’s time and expect it will carry enough revenue.

Get a new thought built up flashy website that will be all you need.

Run a full-page ad in your local newspaper knowing that 200,000 people are going to see your ad and you only need 12 to buy, and you’re going to get back your money and be on the way to profit.

You might get certain things right:

Take $100 and invest in a marketing course such as the ones sold on this site.

Make up 500 business cards for $100 and put your information at the front and a great FREE offer at the back-if they call you give them something free. Distribute them at those free networking events, go door-to – door to potential clients. They can now hold onto your business card.

Get $150 for a website built at Elance. Get 6 content pages, and a custom header. Purchase a site, then run it for another $25 for a year at GoDaddy. Backlink now, and write articles to promote it. To have any credibility built up for you and your page, send papers to Ezine. This part just costs you time.

The local paper runs a small classified ad-$ 50 for a week. Test to see if anyone seeks your services. This is one of the key things you’ll learn from marketing courses. Always test small to make sure it works before anything big rolls out.

Get a business phone line for your business, as this will give you a FREE listing in the search directory for the local telephone company. They have options for upgrading but everything you need is free. Cost is $100 and you’re still able to use the central phone archive.

Next the cold call starts. Then what are you scared of doing that? Ok, if you can’t really afford it then you can always employ an offshore caller from India or the Philippines for a 2-week check at a cost of under $400 which will be enough for you to decide whether your audience is okay with obtaining details from your business this way.

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