Building Blocks Of Regenerative Medicine

Human stem cells may be detected and removed from numerous forms of adult tissue including though not restricted to: bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, dental pulp tissue, adipose (fat) tissue, menstrual blood, synovial fluid etc. The stem cells isolated from these adult tissues have the ability to differentiate (mature into) numerous other types of cells which give them the potential to treat various disease states.Check out Regenerative Medicine Austin TX for more info.

Stem cells from the bone marrow and umbilical cord blood have been widely utilised in the therapeutic field for over 20 years to combat a number of diseases, in reality today over 80 separate diseases may be handled using umbilical cord blood, i.e. tumours, blood disorders such as anaemia, metabolic disorders etc. The medicinal uses of umbilical cord blood have evolved by leaps and bounds since it was believed 20 years ago that cord blood would only be used to treat a number of distinct diseases. Recently the various origins of these cells have been identified and are being evaluated in a variety of clinical studies including type I diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, MS, heart attack , stroke and cosmetic applications.

Apart from their ability to cure a number of various diseases, the great thing about these cells is that they can often be collected from the organism by reasonably minimally intrusive procedures and can be cryogenically frozen (at a temperature of -321 F) and preserved for decades before a disease develops or cell-based therapies need them. Numerous stem cell banks are located in the United States, i.e. GeneCell Worldwide, as well as the planet where stem cells are preserved and deposited cryogenically for potential use. The FDA oversees and inspects the hospitals in the United States as well as many other governing agencies to guarantee the efficacy of these cell therapies.

Why aren’t these cells just banking? What I have often found is that people are not aware about the banking of stem cells and others have never yet learned about it. Many people don’t even realise they have stem cells in their bodies, they think stem cells just originate from human embryos since that’s what’s often mentioned in politics and the press. That is not the case however. These cells are present in adults and such cells are not affected by legal , ethical or political problems. Now you will be more educated of this knowledge and make a possible life saving choice.

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