Impact Of Advanced Telecom Systems

It is well known…or at least is should be…that telecom expenses are often near the top of the list of business expenses. With today’s economy being what it is, reducing wasteful spending can mean the difference in what color ink you use to write your bottom line. There is an industry called Telecom Expense Management that deals with reducing the waste and inefficiency that is inherent within an uncontrolled telecom system. Telecom Expense Management, or TEM, has a cousin called Wireless Expense Management, or sometimes called WEM. WEM in concerned only with your wireless expenditures, while TEM takes in everything, including your hard-wired phone system. great site

You Probably Need One Or The Other…

…but I will concentrate on Wireless Expense Management for now.

Were you aware that the Aberdeen Group did some research and discovered that anywhere from 7% to 12% of wireless telecom invoices had errors? Did you know that a vast majority of those errors were in favor of the vendor/service provider? Did you know that 85% of those invoices were paid without question? It’s true. Would you like to recover those dollars? WEM can do it for you. Generally, Wireless Expense Management companies work on a percentage basis, so they have an incentive to do their best to save money for your company. Invoice validation doesn’t cost…it pays.

Another aspect of WEM that dovetails with Invoice Validation is Asset Management. If you have no idea how many devices you have in service or who has them, you can’t accurately comb through the invoices to find discrepancies and errors. With a real-time software based inventory system you can compare it to the invoices and eliminate service charges for lost or damaged devices, for instance.

E-Procurement is another vital organ in Wireless Expense Management. The WEM team sets up a system through which all acquisitions are made, whether for a repair, a lost device, or simply a new one for a new employee. In conjunction with Asset Management, this gives you an accurate picture of where your money is going.

Expense Optimization. Probably one of the most important functions of Wireless Expense Management. The WEM team is vendor neutral. It searches for the best deals on devices and services for your company. They know where to look for volume discounts, how to minimize your surcharge exposure, and which vendor or service provider best fits your needs.

Last is the Help Desk Support unit. Without Help Desk, your users are on their own if they experience issues with their device. They will be forced to spend hours searching for the right place and the right person to contact. The WEM team, on the other hand, knows exactly who to contact. The user calls Help Desk and says, “Help!” The Help Desk folks come to the rescue like superheroes and tell them that they will resolve the problem quickly and alert them when they do. In the meantime, your employee can remain productive.

Finding a Wireless Expense Management company is easy. Finding a reputable one that covers every angle of WEM isn’t quite so simple. Do your research, and when you find one that has the integrity you expect, take the ball and run with it.