Ordering Meat Online – Things To Consider

The wide range of meat products displayed at the local butcher shop enticingly makes us want to simply load our shopping basket without even examining the labels. You can’t get meat picked up in a pinch or you could wind up with aged meat on the way out. You may want to check out Ordering meat online for more.

When you buy pre-packaged meat, you must check that the meat

Package is properly sealed

Still current expiry date

Package is well-frozen

Flesh is not black or gray in color, and the flesh is not yellowed (ideally, new pink meat with clear white bones)

The package gives no foul odour

The package is certified ‘organic’ so you’re sure where the meat comes from

The box is clearly labelled with the product, weight , size, packaging and expiry date information

Purchase a roast instead of strip steaks if you want the beef to last longer and save on fuel too. Cut the meat to the optimum flavor just when you are about to prepare it. As frozen ground beef, slimming the beef at home just before cooking appears to be harder due to lack of airflow.

When you go shopping for beef, take a cooler with you to hold the beef frozen before you return home. To ensure the meat remains fresh and lasts longer, obey the storage instructions on the labels. Place the meat individually in the freezer to prevent spilling into other food products. Not place the raw meat for your cooked meat plates, too.

It is advisable to remove the meat from its packaging and divide the meat into smaller portions, and transfer it to smaller containers that provide some airflow. By doing so, you only need to defrost the amount you need for each meal and not defrost the entire package just to freeze again. But remember to add the expiry date on a notice on each section.

Unless the meat is filled with vacuum so for 4 to 6 weeks you can comfortably store it unopened. Ideal storage temperatures should be set at 4 to 5 degrees Celsius in the refrigerator, and the freezer should be held at 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

The best way to thaw the meat would be to move it from the freezer to the fridge for as long as it takes to completely defrost. This takes a lot longer, but it would be a good idea to plan ahead as it is the safest way to thaw beef. Steaks can be taken out at night if you plan to cook them the following day.

After thawing, do not re-freeze raw meat because it affects meat quality; instead, cook the meat and then freeze.

You can be assured of buying high quality meat that stays fresh longer by paying attention to labels and storage instructions. This ensures that in the long run you ‘re not only eating healthier but also spending a bit of money.