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One thing that is difficult is to separate a dog from man especially dog owners who have dogs as their family. Many dog lovers tend to treat them as one of their closest friends, and eventually develop deep affection for the dogs they own.

The connection is so deep that the dog owner has become emotionally attached to the dog when it’s time to leave for work or even move to a specific place; he / she finds it very difficult to leave it to them.

Because dogs are not permitted in offices and even moving vehicles, they have to be left alone at home to play alone.his comment is here to read more.Such dogs tend to get lonely and do not like being at home alone, which makes them indulge in queer activities as a sign they want to have love and socialization.

Some of these dogs end up making a lot of unnecessary noise when they bark and even others end up destroying property so that they can attract attention and as a sign that they are in desperate need of affection for the owner.

One can help the dog get over these problems by getting it to a dog day care facility where other dog owners who are busy during the day take care of their dogs there and if no t they can be taken out at least three times a week to a local pet hotel where they can get the chance to meet and play with other dogs. This will help them socialize with the other dogs and give them the best chance of reducing the isolation cases.

A day care for doggies is good for people who will stay away from their pets for a long time and realize they have become emotionally attached to the pets. It provides the dogs with the perfect chance not to feel emotionally low as they get an opportunity to interact with other pets.

The pet may actually feel less lonely and become less frustrated because he knows there are other pets where they can play with them.

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