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Bracing is not directed at fixing scoliosis, but at preventing it from getting worse. Have a look at Toluca Lake Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Clinic – Dr. Thomas E. Harvey D.C. – Scoliosis Specialist Los Angeles for more info on this. Unfortunately, it also struggles to do so even with proper enforcement (wearing the brace for 23 hours per day). Dolan & Weinstein estimated that 23% of patients who were wearing a brace were already having spinal fusion surgery. For contrast, later in life, 22 percent of people who did nothing received treatment for their scoliosis. “The data in favour of bracing is exceedingly weak, receiving in a study of the empirical literature an aggregate ranking of “D. Bracing may be very mentally scarring, at a period of life where “fitting in” requires anything, wearing a brace can be a painful event in the life of a young child, with certain individuals going so far as to suggest it left them with a “psychological dist.” The physical side effects of wearing a brace may involve discomfort, skin & bone issues, and lack of regular lun lunar problems in addition to the emotional effects.

Surgery does not eradicate scoliosis disorder, but simply replaces one deformity with another. Many individuals prefer surgery because they only wish to resolve their scoliosis problems. Surgery, however, is not the final solution; it is only an irreversible one. Even after spinal reconstruction, scoliosis will begin to grow worse, and more than 20 percent of patients require more than one procedure.

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