Garage Cleanup and Junk Removal

Any time you open the garage door, are you overwhelmed by the chaos you see? Have you really had enough to do something with the clutter and are you ready? The chaos has grown up from month to month and year to year, object by item. The following suggestions will help you get started if you’ve hit the tipping point and are about to take over and retake your garage. For more details click EZ Overland Park Junk Removal-Junk Removal.


  1. Next for a bigger cleaning operation, set aside a whole day, maybe even an entire weekend. Get an early game. When you’ve begun, stick to having the work finished.
  2. Before getting underway, make a “organisational assessment”. Is there an easier way to organise stuff you choose to hold, after you’ve purged discarded items? Will shelves help? Hooks and Pegboards? With cabinets? Bins of storage? Your nearest home hardware shop would have fantastic merchandise and ideas for stock. Purchase these things and get them ready to go and on hand.
  3. Schedule a pickup at a nearby charity until the big day to pick up things that can be re-used. In your house or cellar, are there any things that should be provided in this pickup? Schedule this delivery for your major clean up job late in the day.
  4. Schedule a delivery from a business for junk collection to take away things that would be thrown away. In your house or cellar, are there any things that should be provided in this pickup? A fast “junk removal” web search will send you a number of local businesses to pick from. Schedule this pick-up for late in the day again.
  5. A refrigerator of water, a decent supply of trash bags and empty bins to assist in sorting and purging are a few useful things to keep on hand. And maybe some aspirin for the anticipated end of the day after a day of decluttering, aches and pains.
  6. To assist with processing, mark the empty bins. Tools, Greenhouse Supplies, Games, Washing, Car Supplies, Games, Barbecue Supplies, Celebration, Give, Trash are suggested stickers.


  1. Pulling all out of the workshop, organising and purging is the perfect way to handle the garage cleaning job, and finally placing stuff back in the garage you choose to hold.
  2. Using the driveway and surrounding yard as a storage area as you move things out of the garage. To assist with the initial organising project, organise the products into piles, or use your pre-labeled crates. Place things in a “Undecided” pile if you’re not sure if you want to hold anything or not, then make a choice later in the day.
  3. Purging something you haven’t seen in one to two years is a reasonable rule of thumb. You’d be shocked by how this rule of thumb would help to make final decisions and remove a lot of clutter.
  4. You need to worry of how you want to organise things when they head back to the garage after you’ve taken everything out of the garage, and made initial decisions about what you’re holding, and what you’re purging.
  5. Think of the things you use more often and want to be able to navigate quickly when making final decisions about new shelving, shelves, or racks. This will affect how your garage is reorganised. Stuff used on a regular or weekly basis can be readily available (lawnmower, athletic equipment, cleaning supplies). In less accessible places, holiday pieces, used once a year, may be kept.
  6. Revisit the pile of “Undecided”. Get rid of the things in this pile if in question. Rather than hanging on to barely used things, you’ll love the decluttered garage.


Uh, Whew! It was a long day and a massive effort. What you have to do is settle back and wait while the donation truck enters and the junk disposal truck comes and the teams help the mess go down. You can see drastic effects if you have been consistent with your actions and remained focused on your clean-up targets. From the commitment, less clutter, better organisation, and a great feeling of achievement. And the next time you unlock your garage door and take a look inside, we promise a smile on your face. All has its place, and in its place is everything.

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