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Our 7 screened porch choices are selected to suit your specific needs, whether it’s cost, comfort or design. One of the best ways to increase the living space is by a screen porch.

No matter how big your home might be, who couldn’t use an extra room particularly if it’s one that brings in the outside! Even porches with screens can be quickly converted into three seasonal rooms that can be used in certain locations almost year round.Browse Winston Salem Screened Porch Builders

Our 7 options:· Window Porch Kits-Kits come in a variety of styles and can be designed as do – it-yourself ventures or a builder can be employed. Kits are a cost-effective solution anyway, particularly if you already have a deck or patio. Kits come in a variety of sizes and in most situations you will go for a fabric or a metal roof.

Wall Screen Package-Do you already have a roof over deck or patio? That is a perfect solution. Such packages contain all the framing and fencing required to enclose your deck or patio. Any of these can be mounted in a day, so that the same evening you can entertain in style!

Window Panels-You’ve got so many window panel choices. Choosing the right screening medium for your environment and adding it to established posts or columns will render your own. You can use glass panel kits to mount and film aluminum panels, or even add frame-less devices that use Velcro to keep the screens in place.

Screen Porch Windows-This neat product does not use glass, but rather vinyl that stretches and when distorted, returns to its original shape. The windows open for full air flow with built in two-track and four-track systems. Lightweight and sturdy, this is also an excellent way to build a three season porch.

Screen Porches for Awnings-If you have an auvent over your patio or roof, perhaps the best solution for you is a screen porch conversion package. These fasten to your current awning and have a zippered door opening. These come with adjustable environment and wind screens, and are compact-if you pass, you can carry them with you.

Construct your own-You can always construct your own from scratch, or on your current deck or patio. If you choose to do something yourself, make sure you know the area’s building codes and get the necessary permits if required. Although not challenging to construct, you’ll need both the knowledge and skills needed to build the base, frame the building, and properly tie the roof to your house.

Custom made-Although the most costly choice, the appearance of a custom-designed and built screen porch is nothing like that. Big vision. Many have fireplaces in brick, ceiling fans, beautiful exterior lighting, tiled floors, flat screens, and more. Choose a builder specialized in design porches that will consider the specific needs.

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