Kitchen Renovation Ideas

An old friend of mine relocated a little more than 12 months ago to a stunning, late 19th century, Victorian style house. All of the guests remarked on the quaint old fashioned theme of the kitchen at a recent party she hosted at home and how cosy and welcoming it looked. My friend mentioned at this stage that she and her four children all thoroughly disliked the kitchen area and would love to renovate and modernise it, but were totally daunted by the assignment and had not tried it.Learn more about us at Kitchen Remodels

As she had heard numerous home improvement horror reports, her biggest concern was the projected high expense of renovating an old home-people investing tens of thousands of dollars for what began to be very small upgrades, only to discover a variety of non-budgeted fixes and upkeep were still needed, thereby dramatically blowing up the total costs. My friend didn’t like the thought of putting herself in a similar scenario, so the notion of reconstruction and repair work was shelved. A contractor and another experienced interior decorator were one of the guests at the party and both clarified that although repair work (restoring the house to ‘as new’ condition comparable to when the house was originally built) was very intensive and time consuming, a reconstruction (modernization) project was comparatively inexpensive.

Ideas for kitchen redesign-Without the Fear Factor

Many homeowners, like my friend, have the misconception that old houses are extremely difficult to renovate simply because of their age, but this is not exactly right. In fact, a kitchen renovation almost always turns out to be quite cost-effective, whether the house is old or fairly new, and the occupants can see a major change in the environment. It is possible to prepare redesign ideas for existing homes so that fresh products and appliances can be combined together with the older elements of the kitchen, such as a modern stainless steel refrigerator does not seem to be out of position in the same kitchen as an existing wood-burning stove.

In the planning stage, the real secret to inexpensive and successful ideas is and this refers to every type of house, whether fresh or old.

First on the list of all sound suggestions for kitchen renovation is to cost the proposed renovations accordingly. This is the most important factor, as either you have ample funds available or may enlist the support of your bank or mortgage lender, you should not pursue some major renovation project. Notwithstanding the fact that you need considerable financing, take pride in understanding that without losing the overall efficiency of the renovation, you may reduce costs in some places. For the main aspects of the renovation, namely the construction portion, labour costs and appliances and fixtures, it is essential that you allocate sufficient funds.

If you recommend that substantial remodelling or design improvements be performed, then be mindful that this form of work is incredibly costly. It is important that you hire a contractor who will function within your budget if structural improvements are part of your remodelling project. Often make sure that all design improvements, such as the inclusion or replacement of a space divider or the construction of a seat window or skylight, have been sufficiently cost-effective throughout the overall project before beginning the job.

When you revisit your ideas, you still make an allowance for unforeseen contingencies, such as plumbing , heating and electrical equipment fixes. There is nothing worse than making an aesthetically appealing kitchen that is nice to look at, but due to the outdated and inefficient appliances, it is really a fire-hazard or energy-monster. It is extremely likely that you would continue to invest resources on installing this sort of equipment in old buildings.

You should then shift your focus to other things such as picking counter tops, cabinets and floor coverings until you have tackled the structural and facilities (heating , ventilation, plumbing etc) things of the kitchen renovation. This is a perfect place for cost management, since many substitute products may be utilised, which are just as robust and impressive as marble or granite, for example, but cost a fraction of the price of the actual stuff. It is also advised that you start purchasing stock cabinets rather than custom-fitted models, as this can save you a lot of cash as well.

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