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Sometimes lead poisoning is detected in children who live or have lived in deteriorating apartment buildings, and who have been exposed to lead. Paint containing lead dye was used in the United States for several decades. Most often, infants are exposed to inhalation of lead contaminated dust. In some cases, the kids will eat lead-based paint chips. A blood check, performed by a specialist, will decide whether lead poisoning has occurred. Check Portage Premises Liability Lawyer.

Whether your child has lead contamination you will promptly notify an expert liable for the property.

In 1960 New York City banned the use by law of lead-based paint.

The statute also mandates tenants of buildings inhabited by children under the age of 7 to eliminate or cover all lead colored paint. Failure to do so could result in a fining of the landlord. A violation of this law may also serve as the basis for a lawsuit to recover money damages for child-bearing personal injuries.

Here’s an example of a case involving a young boy from the Bronx named “Michael” (not his real name), whose mother took him to the doctor due to developmental delays. He just started talking near his fifth birthday. His words were slurred when Michael tried to speak, and were difficult to understand. He also showed signs of domestic violence and aggression against his siblings, alternating with extreme shyness and a lack of interaction with others.

The little boy would put his head down and suck his thumb when asked to take photos during a medical examination. The idea that injuries arising from lead poisoning are irreversible can come as a surprise to many. In the case of Michael, he will grow up with a receptive-expressive condition which will render him reliant for the rest of his life on others.

The case of Michael led to litigation against the landlord, and ended with a settlement.

In lead poisoning cases, landlord lawyers often attempt to distract a jury by pointing to other explanations for developmental delays of a child-such as genetic disorders such as autism or a mother’s drug / alcohol abuse during pregnancy. For such kinds of cases specialist specialists are critical. If your child has died from lead contamination, and you are contemplating employing a litigation solicitor at the property, make sure you have a law firm with the expertise to recruit professionals to conduct a thorough review into the allegation. Your counsel will always have the requisite expertise and know-how to plan the argument for court.

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