Look For A Good Web Designer

Web Designer-Helping you to choose the new site’s theme, images, page positions and colors, the web designer and all the internal connection arrangement build the navigation. They can also do the website’s design and scripting or outsource some of those specialized fields to freelancers. A website director is essentially overall design project manager.

Web Developer-Taking the conceptual concept of the website from the client and coding it to act as a website, they are also responsible for all the technical things behind the scenes and make sure everything works. To get information,read this post here

Graphic Designer-Responsible for all new website designs like page layout and colors etc. It’s the person who makes the website look good and clean.

Internet Marketing Consultant-Has the knowledge of how the website should function as an overall marketing strategy, and more specifically, how to get more views and revenue from your website.

Who is a great web builder and how much are they paying for?

Whether you prefer to work with someone over the telephone / email directly or globally, you will need to have a basic understanding of what you want and what your standards are, things to take into account: take note of how much interest they have in your company. They need to learn what you are doing, where you are doing it and what your goals are. The web designer needs to know your company inside out, how else they can build a website that represents your business and you.

Look at their range, they’re similar in design or they’re customized to every type of business.

Tell them which parts of the site they are actually going to do or if they are going to just do some job and outsource the rest.

Also question if they have a planning process and describes the phases in the design. Or if they have a strategy document you’ll all work well though.

Tell them whether they are conscious of Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and whether the platform is designed for high rankings. A beautiful design is not successful if its potential customers can’t find it.

Ask the builder for the site you need, and estimate the cost. They may not be in a position to give you a price before you address site content and functionality. Depending on the qualifications and place you might expect to pay from £ 30-£ 70 an hour. For a 10 page website, a high quality website with outstanding graphic design and layout would cost between £ 1300 and £ 2000. The price would go up if you need apps like a forum, email, shopping cart, SEO or Logo Design.

Find out about the method of reimbursement, do they charge you as thresholds are met or do they take up front a fee and the balance upon completion.

Take note to see if they stay under your target or if they consider including ons and bonuses to increase the cost above your limit, you are the only person responsible for your expenditure!

Ask them for website support and maintenance when the site is live and if they have any packages available for regular updates etc. If you are going to maintain the site yourself, ask them to build the site so that it is convenient for the website owner to operate (yourself) they should be able to design your site on a CMS framework that will allow you to edit your own text and images.

Make sure your domain name is yours, even if your web designer has declared it for you.

Tell the client what the deadline is for you, then inquire if they can reach it. Most good web designers will be booked for a period of 6 to 8 weeks so you might have to wait.

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