River Ridge School of Music & Dance-An Analysis

Although the services can look the same on the surface, the purpose and quality of each dance school may be completely different. What do you know which school is the best place for your child? Learn more on River Ridge School of Music & Dance.

Some schools are seeking to build a more conservatory-type environment , allowing, for example, a minimum amount of classes a week. It might be ideal for more ambitious students but that will pose a challenge for the student who loves dancing as one of the other sports. Occasionally there might be variations. Don’t be ashamed to question them! If the school is unable to satisfy you, then seek another school where your child is more confident.

A studio auditioning students for placement purposes or transferring students around if they wind up in a class that doesn’t suit their skill is not uncommon. Age groupings are often the norm, but if they are inflexible, they may keep back a promising dancer or move in anyone who isn’t ready.

Many schools finish the year with a recital. This is a perfect way of looking at the school’s progressive work. You must find out how genuinely qualified the older students are! Ballroom dancing can be a fun & development experience for children, If the school you ‘re choosing isn’t about their recital high pressure. In reality, in the fall, some schools start planning on the Spring recital! This however greatly reduces the amount of time students are learning the dance art & technique.

Finding out recital suit costs when you’re looking at a school is smart. While a studio enjoys the glamor of sequin dresses, which can cost you as much as $100 an item, their show and teachers might not be the caliber you ‘re looking for! In some schools there is a movement beginning to keep costs down by putting up masks that can be used again for lessons or as street-wear. We had exposure in our workshop to a wide range of possibilities for costuming to help such new ideas. Parents welcomed the lower prices and greater potential for use.

Which rules does the school have on parents watching classes? Some schools have viewing windows; some have visiting parent days; some will let you observe at any time as long as you have instructor approval, and some will absolutely lock you out. There are good reasons for all of these regulations, but as a parent you can feel comfortable with both the policy and any clarification that are required. When there are visitors in the room, it can be confusing to both the children and the instructor, so please understand that when you have an opportunity to observe.

Does the building contend? How competitive are the students between themselves? The school’s reputation has little to do with its economic status. Many schools participating have very rigorous schedules with plenty of hidden costs for uniforms and entry fees. You have to determine whether that will fit for you, your dancer and your colleagues.

What happens to former students if the school has been around for a while? Has people gone on to learn dance or compete professionally in college? Or should they only teach at the school they came from? Whether the graduates have had successful preparation (unless you’re in a school with a qualified firm), odds are they won’t be studying in the classroom instead of heading to work!

I have talked to several high-level dance instructors who frequently discuss the girls who have taken classes at the local dance school for ten years and who have been labeled the “star pupil.” Sadly, when they get to high, the young ladies discover that their training is awful and they don’t really know simple dance jargon. Such children also have a huge ego from being their former teacher’s pride and joy so it’s really challenging to mentor them properly. Wasted all the time and energy! Truly quite sorry, for parents and dancers alike. Often, after two years of education, these same girls want to either go back and teach in the local school or start their own workshop! And the loop is on!!

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