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Renting a tent and not using it is always better than making thousands of soggy guests scramble for shelter. That doesn’t mean that your whole backyard needs to be sealed. You need enough tent coverage if the weather turns damp to make up for the space you don’t have indoors.You can get additional information at Las Vegas Limo.

Don’t take chances when it comes to weddings or other really special occasions. Rent a tent which can comfortably fit all your guests. In addition, there’s a big tip here; rent the tent floor. You don’t want to dance on a mushy and dusty lawn as a guest. A floor rental makes getting around easier for guests and can avoid guests from tripping and falling.

To save money on your tent rental, as soon as you have a party date, consider calling around for prices. Many tent rental firms will reduce their rates if you’re able to pay for the service up front and in cash. It’s smart to consolidate your rentals if you need to rent a bar, linens, tables or chairs too. For individual rates, shop around and ask for a bulk discount. When purchased individually, you will also save ten to twenty percent off the package by combining your rentals into one order.

By being versatile in the planning, another way to save big on party rentals is. Let the rental company of the group know what your priorities are and that you are open to proposals. They might be able to give you some innovative ideas when the party rental company knows what you’re trying to accomplish. Bear in mind that the price is not all; the lowest bidding tent rental firm that shows up late and puts up dirty or broken tents is not worth the small amount of money you might save. Look for a rental company of quality that has a reputation for great service.

Diversion. Entertainment. A wide range of equipment rentals can be offered to you by certain event entertainment companies. If an act needs lighting, lights and sound, since they are volume customers, the event entertainment company will also achieve a better deal for you on tents and other materials. Choose entertainment that will really impress your guests. While staging and costly rigging are often needed by bands, novelty acts are much more versatile.

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