Wedding Bands and Wedding Rings Buying Care and Cleaning Guide

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Wedding bands (or rings) to choose from

There are literally hundreds of wedding band styles to choose from, for both the bride and the groom. While the traditional band is a flat, circular gold ring for both, today it can be either flat or complicated, large or small, stubborn or not. It’s not unusual to find gemstone accents even on the groom ‘s ring.

Traditionally, at the wedding ceremony, the woman receives two rings; one upon consent to marriage, and the other. Today the most common option continues to be the tradition. Sometimes, however, couples opt for a more important wedding band that incorporates the gem of choice and as such eliminates the need for an engagement ring. For example, instead of buying a one-carat diamond engagement ring followed by a simple wedding band, one could buy a diamond wedding band that contains four carats of total diamond weight surrounding the finger for the same price.

Then the diamond wedding band is the main focal point and incorporates the symbolism of the plain round ring with the diamond or other gemstone symbolism of choice. It can build a sizeable and classic look. Another example may include purchasing a single diamond which is then put inside a very large, gold wedding band, again incorporating the gem usually obtained in the wedding band itself at an earlier moment.

The choice of getting one or two rings is largely personal, but bear in mind that the involvement will influence your decision. If the engagement duration is going to be long, the bride will prefer to have an engagement ring to announce her commitment and, thus, the change in her status and the upcoming event rather than waiting for the wedding day.

Important considerations before making a decision

Here are some important factors to consider, to help you make the right choice for the wedding ring.

What is the look of the wedding band with the engagement ring?

If an engagement ring is given, it’s very important to consider how the wedding band looks on hand with it. (We hope you will also give your wedding band some thought before making the final decision on your engagement ring.) It’s a good idea to try out different wedding band styles with the engagement ring to see how they look together. The band’s broadness can have a dramatic impact on how it works with the engagement ring. Always note that certain details such as milgraining or a particular type of finish can look great when worn alone, but when worn along with the engagement ring may distract from the overall appearance.

Which width seems best?

The wedding band width is measured in millimetres. The standard women’s simple gold or platinum band ranges from 2-4 mm; the men’s ranges from 3-1/2-6 mm. The scale of the stock can be as wide as 10 millimetres. Trying the same style band in different widths is crucial because you’ll be shocked to see how different the effect produced by the width alone can be. Evite big rings that feel awkward when putting them on. You ‘re not going to get used to these. Although from a design perspective a very large band can be stunning, bear in mind that it might be less comfortable in very hit climates.

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