When to Visit an Audiologist

It is prudent to seek the guidance of an audiologist when any listening difficulty presents itself. Such issues can include (but are not limited to) ear ringing, hearing fuzziness, inability to understand telephone conversations, or general difficulty deciphering the speech of those around you. It can be difficult to accept that you are vulnerable; everybody likes to think that they will forever hold on to their hearing. Don’t be desperate. You should soon be able to hear clearly again thanks to modern-day technology and a score of talented audiologists to pick from. Check AVA Hearing Center – Grand Rapids Audiologist.

You may predict the following scenario during your first visit to an audiologist:

You will be asked to include evidence of insurance and will be presented with a questionnaire that contains your medical history questions and more.

Next, with the otoscopy, you will be checked. This is a system that allows the audiologist to peer deep into the canal of your ear. Anything as innocuous as excess wax in the ear may be due to a balance problem or moderate hearing loss.

Then you will possibly undergo a tympanometry examination. The middle ear is based on this examination. Do not worry, it will not hurt! You may feel a bit of a feeling of pressure, and some beeps can be heard. This test allows the audiologist to gauge whether you have an ear infection or fluid.

Another exam that you are going to experience is one involving earphones. You may be asked to listen to various pitches and to show when a sound is being heard. In a soundproof booth, this test is normally performed.

Bone conduction is a test involving a vibrator mounted behind the ear that reveals the softest sound that is detected when directly targeted by the inner ear.

In different locations in the ear, hearing loss occurs, and there are numerous diagnoses of hearing loss. Usually, these fall into three categories: conductive, sensorineural and mixed. The audiologist will refer you to an ear , nose and throat specialist for more testing on the basis of the test results or prescribe hearing aids to correct the problems you face.

A visit to an audiologist is a great first step if you are having hearing problems. Find out what’s going on with your listening and take action to support yourself.

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